Business Social Compliance Initiative(BSCI)

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a non-profit organization and a leading business-driven initiative that supports retailers, importers, and brands in improving working conditions in their global supply chains.

Here’s a closer look at BSCI:


  • Enhance social compliance: Collaborates with businesses to improve working conditions in factories and farms worldwide through a shared Code of Conduct and implementation system.
  • Promote responsible sourcing: Encourages ethical sourcing practices within the global supply chain.

Key features:

  • Shared Code of Conduct: Provides a set of principles based on international labor standards that participants agree to implement in their supply chains.
  • Implementation System: Offers tools and resources to help businesses understand and meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct, including:
    • Guidance documents
    • Training materials
    • Audit methodology
    • Reporting and monitoring procedures
  • Independent Monitoring: BSCI doesn’t conduct audits itself but relies on a network of independent, accredited auditing companies to assess compliance with the Code of Conduct in supplier facilities.

Benefits of participating in BSCI:

  • Improved social performance: Helps businesses identify and address potential social risks in their supply chains and contribute to improving working conditions for workers.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: Demonstrates commitment to ethical sourcing and social responsibility, potentially attracting environmentally and socially conscious consumers.
  • Reduced operational risks: Mitigates potential risks associated with poor labor practices, such as labor disputes and negative publicity.
  • Streamlined compliance: Provides a standardized approach to social compliance, reducing the complexity of managing audits and reporting across different suppliers.

Important points to note:

  • Membership is not mandatory: Businesses choose to participate in the initiative.
  • BSCI does not issue certifications: Instead, it provides a framework for continuous improvement.
  • Collaboration is key: BSCI emphasizes collective action among businesses to achieve widespread improvements in the global garment and footwear industry.

Overall, BSCI represents a collaborative approach towards promoting ethical and responsible business practices within the global supply chain. By participating in this initiative, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to positive change in working conditions worldwide.